Mentor Like Jesus, A Book Review

Jesus began His ministry with these words:  ‘follow me.’

Jesus ended His ministry with these: ‘go and make disciples.’

The premise of the book Mentor Like Jesus by Regi Campbell is based on these two statements. Jesus chose those He led, those who would be future leaders and at the end of the mentoring process challenged them to go and mentor others.

Here are some key points Regi highlights in his book:

  • Choose those to be in your group…
    • Jesus did (follow me).
  • Decide on a number of persons you can invest in the designated time…
    • Jesus did (12)
  • Make the length of the process definite…
    • Jesus did (3 years of personal contact, a lifetime of support).
  • Use specific, intentionally chosen material…
    • Jesus did (scripture and life lessons…wisdom we will never understand).
  • Hold those you mentor to high expectations…
    • Jesus did (modeled total commitment, expected them to be different: “take up your cross”).
  • Graduate the group with a challenge…
    • Jesus did (go and make disciples).

Someone once said that we really have not fulfilled our call to live a Christ-like life if we have not intentionally mentored someone. The plan modeled by Jesus and dissected by Regi is one that can be adopted and put into action. If Christians would adopt this plan there would be a new generation of leaders. There would not be a few new leaders but there would be a movement of leaders, ready to mentor others.

Mentor Like Jesus is a great reminder to Christ-followers of the command that Christ left for us. It is also a great resource on exactly how to accomplish the challenge left for us.

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