Become A Leader By Saying Yes

As we become older we often fall into the trap of staying in our comfort zone. Doing things that we have always done in the same way we have always done them.

In two recent situations I have been reminded by youth how important it is to step out of our comfort zones and say yes to new opportunities.

Whether that step is to help the team I lead or just to give myself a new perspective. 

The first reminder came as I heard that my son had volunteered to step into a new role in a worship band that he participates in.  Normally he is one of the acoustic guitar players, but one night he knew they would be without a bass guitarist. Without hesitation he said he would fill-in. Now this is something he has never done, but he was willing to do so for the team.

The second was when I witnessed a group of high school students recognize a deteriorating situation and took it upon themselves to approach the adult leader about making some changes.

In each of these instances if it had not been for the willingness of youth to say yes to something new there would have been a team lacking a member and a team churning in status quo.

Witnessing these events has reminded me that I must ask myself these questions?

Am I willing to seek out new things?

Am I too satisfied with my routine?

Am I willing to say yes when opportunity rises?

Worship Services, what is the real purpose?

What are you dreaming?