Changing an organization from the inside out?

I have had the great opportunity to witness an attitude change for an entire organization, and it all started with some caring teenagers who:


  • Saw need for change
  • Volunteered to invest time for change
  • Sought out help
  • Studied other organizations for insight
  • Helped evaluate present situation
  • Asked their leadership to communicate established ‘core values’
  • Realized that if change were to happen it had to begin with them
  • Spent time deciding what leadership characteristics they had to model
  • Begin to set in motion a plan for change
  • Implemented change that was based on ‘servant leadership’ and ‘leading by example.’


Here are some core facts that helped them get ‘change’ started:


  • They cared about the organization
  • They wanted to make the organization the best it could be
  • They were willing to invest time
  • They wanted to see results
  • They wanted to set a foundation for future success.


What can we learn?

  • Leadership often comes from the workforce
  • Leaders need to be open to ideas of those they lead
  • Bottom up leadership ideas need to be encouraged
  • If you have made a commitment to an organization, strive to make it the best it can be
  • If you are committed to the organization, be willing to accept change


The group of students that initiated the change mentioned above are members of the Centennial High School Marching Band Leadership Team. When they started there was no team, just students who cared. They have made a tremendous impact on the organization in one year and I can’t wait to see what legacy they will get to witness when they come back as alumni.

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