I Don’t Have Time to Exercise

Fitness_Michael_H_Smith_Walking “I just don’t have time to exercise.” Okay I will agree with that statement with this clarification: the time for exercise/fitness is never going to appear in your schedule. Exercise is something you will have to make time for.

The benefits for a regular exercise routine far outweigh what you might have to give up in your daily schedule…and the amount of time you have to give up is small.

We have all heard the infomercial pitch men scream at us through the TV as they introduce a new piece of equipment: “in just 15 minutes a day.” The truth is you need a little longer than 15 minutes a day but not much longer. A regular routine of a 30 minutes a day aerobic program will make a huge positive impact on your physical body.

Here are some of those benefits of regular aerobic exercise:

                + Positive body composition
                + Decrease appetite in many people
                + Allows for substantial daily calorie-burning intake
                + Strengthen the skeletal system (weight bearing exercises)
                + Less insulin is required to regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics who exercise regularly
                + Part of the therapy for reducing the risk of coronary artery disease
                + Assists in reducing excess body fat
                + Therapy for arthritis – increases join range of motion

Today just before finishing this blog post I ran across the following article in today’s edition of the Tennessean: “For Some heart patients, exercise beats angioplasty.” Now you can add this benefit to the above list.

The mode of aerobic activity does not have be something fancy, no equipment to buy to classes to sign up for. A simple routine of a 30 minute walk each day will help you take advantage of benefits listed above.

The challenge is to take a quick inventory of your daily routine and see what you can eliminate to make time for exercise.

You do have time for exercise! 

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