Preparing for Worship, what do you do to get ready?

ClearView From Franklin Road I often wonder what the people, in the congregation where I serve, do to get ready for church. Growing up in a pastor’s home Sunday was a big deal, nothing kept us from church and not just once but two times on Sunday. As part of the preparation we laid out the ‘church clothes’ the night before; if the shoes needed polishing we did so; we went to bed early and most Saturday nights mom started preparing for Sunday dinner (lunch). I also remember my dad spending time in his bedroom or office going over his notes for the sermon he would deliver the next day. We were preparing to go to church.

Those are great memories but that is not the preparation that I am talking about.

Do people who attend worship services on Sundays come to worship prepared to meet God in a conversation of worship? Or is it just something they do to make them feel better and push the guilt aside for a few more days?

It is hard for me to start a meaningful conversation with anyone who I don’t know, who I haven’t had previous conversations. But it is much easier when I know the person.

The only way I know to prepare for the worship services on Sunday is having a conversation with God on a daily basis. Being in any type of relationship implies that there is this on-going conversation taking place where words are exchanged and actions noticed.

How do you prepare for church on Sunday? There is no better time to start than now!

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