Ministry Leadership – ‘by faith’

To begin our worship planning, at ClearViewBridge_Michael_H_Smith , this week we took the time to read aloud Chapter 11 of Hebrews. (There is something powerful about hearing God’s Word read out loud.) The heading over this section of scripture in the Holman Christian Standard Bible reads: Heroes of Faith. In this chapter of 40 verses, the phrase ‘by faith’ is used seventeen times and the word ‘faith’ another five times.

When all is said and done, will I be counted among the ones who lived those two words?

This week I was reminded how easy it is to rely on our own capabilities to get things done when really there is so much more that can be done by implementing “by faith.” I confessed to my staff this morning that I have been guilty of relying on me.  The potential of ministry is so much greater when ‘by faith’ is applied. That is where I want to be…that is what I want said about me: “he lived ‘by faith.’”

I have served in places where it was the norm to plan to do only what we knew we could manage with our resources, when in the end God provided more than we needed. We took steps knowing because we saw, not because we lived ‘by faith.’

Granted God expects us to use wisdom to make decisions, however, don’t we often limit God by what we can see, not what we trust He can do?

So how do we apply those two words to ministry and ministry leadership? If God has called us to serve he has called us to prepare. Being placed in leadership carries with it the burden to prepare. When we have prepared all we can, we place our faith in Him to accomplish through us more than we could ever imagine. We seek God for His wisdom and ask that we are sensitive and open to His invitation to join Him in ministry. We listen to what God is saying through circumstances and preparation but always willing to follow ‘by faith.’

Living and serving ‘by faith’ is an act of worship. Relying on God ‘by faith’ is a choice now for the strength to put those words into action.

Forgiveness, who deserves it?

Called to Serve = Called to Prepare