Preparing for Worship: prayer

Oneof the core values of ClearView is that we believe in the power of prayer. Admittedly we have not done a good job practicing corporate prayer.  This has become a major topic of worship planning meetings as we investigate ways to incorporate more prayer into our services.


In planning for this week’s service in our worship center, we have set aside a dedicated amount of time for prayer. This week’s prayer emphasis will be centered on the needs of ‘the people.’ At a planned time in the service our pastor, Mark Marshall, will invite those who desire prayer for a specific need to come to the front of the worship center where they will be met by trained prayer counselors who will pray with them.


So that these who choose to come down for prayer do not feel isolated, the entire congregation will be asked to stand and participate in the prayer by following the worship team as they lead in a song of prayer.


Prayer should be the foundation of any faith-based group and ClearView is not an exception.  The worship planning staff will continue to seek God on ways to add meaningful prayer times to the services in the worship center and chapel.



Also this Sunday we continue in the sermon series, Songs for Summer, a study of selected Psalms. This week we dive into Psalm 107. You can be better prepared to absorb God’s word by reading this Psalm before arriving on campus Sunday.

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