Sabbatical: one more week

For the last eleven years I have served in a leadership position at ClearView Church in Franklin, Tennessee. Just recently it became the policy of this church to award a seven week sabbatical to any minister on the staff who has served for seven years. 

I began my sabbatical on May 27 with three goals: one to relax and unplug from the routine, two take some time to learn from other leaders and three study about some radical disciples in church history..  I believe I have accomplished these goals and still have one more week to go.

In the last seven weeks I have been able to:

  • study church history through a trip to England and Scotland lead by two distinguished professors
  • visit four churches seeing how God is using them to reach their community.
  • interview thirteen business leaders focusing on their thoughts on leadership
  • spend some time with my family on vacation

Tomorrow I take the last trip of this sabbatical time. My wife and I will fly to Seattle where we will board a cruise ship that will take us on a tour of the Alaska coast.

The sabbatical is coming to a close. I am grateful I have had this time and I look forward to being back with my co-workers and friends at ClearView on Monday July 20.

P.S. I will not be uploading another post to this blog until at least July 19.

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