The Best Father’s Day Gift

Over the last few months my son Spencer and I have spent quite a bit of time together. During this time I have even got him hooked on NCIS and House. For me it is not about the shows, but that we sit together in the same room and comment and laugh about the story lines….just spending time together.

On Father’s Day morning I found a note taped to the coffee pot. The cover said “Dad from your son.” At first I thought he had got the coffee pot ready to brew the first such luck. When I realized that was not the case I open the note. Here is what I found.


Happy Father’s Day Dad.

Thanks for everything, like my new phone, guitars and bike.

You are the best dad ever.

I hope when I have a family I will be half as great a dad as you. Love you! Thanks so much.

Want to play some bocce ball today.

Love you so much, talk to you later, love you.


What else could a dad ask for? 

God truly help me to be a good example to my children.
Help me point them to Christ.
Help me be an example of love.

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