Churches Worship as their Pastor Worships

The pastor is the leader, shepherd of the local church. Ibelieve he is also the lead worshipper to whom the congregation is looking toward to understand how they are to worship. I have believed this and witnessed this for a long time; however, during the last few weeks it has become even more evident to me.


Just recently I have had the opportunity to visit a number of churches during their worship services.  In most cases I have been seated so that I could witness the lead pastor during the worship experience.  My belief: “the congregation worships as the lead pastor” was reaffirmed.” Sure there are exceptions to this observation within each congregation, but for the most part they all take their cues from the pastor.


I am thankful that I serve at a local congregation where the pastor is a participant in the worship services, not just an observer. Worship is a verb something we do not something we watch. 

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