Worship, the Sunday After Easter.

We are just one day away from worship the Sunday after Easter. It is one of the days where it seems worship attendance hits a low for the year.  The reality is, it is not one of the lowest attended days of the year; however it seems that way compared to the full houses of worship on Easter. Last week our houses of worship were filled with regular attendees, members and the CEM crowd (Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day Crowd.)

This Sunday as services begin we might be asking ourselves, where are the crowds that sang so beautifully? Where are the visitors that swelled the attendance leaving no empty seats? Were we not friendly enough and they stayed away? Should we have constructed the service differently: different sermon, different songs so that more would have been inspired to return this week?

I am glad that we all came together on that  one day and I pray that what we as worship leaders presented was something that challenged the CEMs to come back and members/attendees to be more faithful.  But for me every Sunday has excitement as Easter, because what we celebrated last Sunday is a reality everyday.  Why do we put so much work into the Easter services when the power of the resurrected Christ is real every day?  What about the other 51 weeks of the year? 

The challenge for me as a worship leader and one who leads the worship planning team at my place of ministry is to reflect the glory of the power of Christ each Sunday. The challenge is to never allow Sunday after Sunday to become routine. My relationship with God is new every morning. The power of the cross is available everyday. God’s desire to be in communication with me is a daily promise.

Sunday is just a day away and honestly I am ready now. I am looking forward to being back in the place we have set aside for corporate worship. I am looking forward to talking to God and listening to Him in worship.

Wherever you are I hope tomorrow will be a day you set aside to spend time in a house of worship. The resurrected Christ is alive and sitting on the throne near God Almighty and they deserve our worship.

For the ClearView teams:

The opening songs tomorrow at ClearView will a remind us of the awesome greatest of a big God, and then move to a reminder of what God did for us through His Son. Then as we move toward the sermon time the songs will encourage us to lean on a God who never lets go.  The sermon this week continues in our study of 1 John. Mark, sent out this update about the sermon earlier in the week: “I could not be more FIRED UP about what God just taught me in 1 John 2:7-14. I can't wait for Sunday.”

I am looking forward to tomorrow and I am praying that we come ready to worship in spirit and in truth. Will you pray with me?

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