Worship this Sunday: 2 plus 1 = 2020

This Sunday at ClearView Church in Franklin, Tennessee, we begin a new journey: one that gives us the opportunity to accommodate more people in worship. Here are the descriptions of the service options on the ClearView campus:


9:30 AM

Venue 1 - The (Building A) Worship Center

A blended service that includes a variety of elements (songs of worship, prayer, hymns), focusing on connecting people with the presence of God.  The service is led by a vocal team, choir, band and on a regular basis orchestra.  The message is delivered by our pastor.


Venue 2 - The Chapel (Building C)

The service is described as 'more traditional' taking most of its elements of worship from the hymnal. The music elements will be accompanied by piano and led by a worship leader and supporting team.  In this venue the sermon will be presented on video screen delivered from "The Worship Center."


11:00 AM

Venue 1 - The Worship Center (Building A)

The worship service at this hour in the worship center is presented in the same format as the 9:30 AM time. The sermon is delivered live by our pastor.


How does 2 + 1 = 2020. The “Worship Center ” has the capability of seating 810 at one time and the “Chapel” can seat 400…so 810 + 810 + 400 = 2020.


On this Thursday here is how you can prepare and pray for worship:

Pray for the new leadership in “The Chapel”: Alexis Cruz, worship leader; John Duval, venue pastor and other leaders in ‘venue 2.” Another prayer would be for the team that leads the service in ‘venue 1.” Pray for our pastor as he puts the final touches on the sermon he will share with us. And finally pray that the people of ClearView will come expecting to meet God.  (If you were not part of the services last week it might be good to listen to the podcast of last week’s sermon. He talked specifically about how we should come into a worship venue each week.)


This week our pastor finishes leading us on a journey through the book of Nehemiah.  You can prepare for hearing God’s Word by reading Nehemiah Chapter 13.


Here are some other scriptures that also might help you prepare for worship this week at ClearView:

John 1:16,17

Psalm 68:19,20 

Ephesians 1:20-23

Psalm 146:1,2

I Corinthians 3:10,11

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