Living a Life of Worship

Over the last few weeks I have been challenged by the thought of living a life of worship. If I am running toward God, pursuing Him and trying to live as He desires then that is true worship.  What happens on Sunday mornings is just a reflection of daily worship.  Worship is not something we can conjure up on Sundays. I am afraid that is what many people do; go through the actions of worship, the outward expressions when we gather as a congregation. If worship were the actions, only the outward expression then it is something that could be regulated even outlawed. A.W. Tozer wrote: “If true religion consisted in outward practices, then it could be destroyed by laws forbidding those practices. But if the true worshiper is one who worships God in spirit and in truth, how can laws or jails or abuses or deprivations prevent the spiritual man from worshiping?  The essence of spiritual worship is to love supremely, to trust confidently, to pray without ceasing and to seek to be Christlike and holy and to do all the good we can for Christ’s sake.”…everyday, all day.  God, help me to be a true worshiper.  One who worships in Spirit and in Truth and one who never just goes to worship but lives worship…lives a life that is honoring to God…everyday, all day.

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