Thankful for a Rich Christian Family Heritage

 Again I have been reminded of what a blessing I have received by the fact that my family tree runs deep with believers and followers of Christ. Last weekend I traveled with my parents to a family reunion in eastern North Carolina.  As a part of the trip I got to drive around the area as my dad called out directions and gave a verbal history of where he lived, went to school and church. (I was thankful that my son was also in the car. Someday we will sit and reminisce about the day when…)  One of the sites that my dad brought to my attention was this little white countrDSCN0396y church.  The scene was perfect, a white country church, surrounded by farmland.  What was even better than the scene was the story my dad told of how my great grandfather and my grandmother attended church in this building. And even better was my dad sharing how he remembers going to a revival service with that same great grandfather (his grandfather) at this church…and even better to me was him remembering that they traveled to the service by horse drawn buggy.  The mode of transportation in those days was so different; you had to be more intentional in the trips you made, you had to want to go or need to go.  I am so thankful that my dad has that memory, that we both have that heritage of family rooted in the things of Christ and I am so thankful that these stories of family, church and Christ have been passed on to me and my son.

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