New Building Tours…Sunday, October 5

I have heard it said often about ClearView that she was placed on this stretch of road in Franklin for this time. And that God has a plan for her, far beyond what we could dream. Not only have I heard this said but I have said it, because I believe it. 


As we come near to the end of this next phase of construction, I am even more fully convinced that God’s plan for ClearView is far greater than we could ever imagine.


The projected completion date of the next phase is around December 1, 2008. Almost daily I get the opportunity to walk through the construction site and throughout the process I wished it had been possible to take the people of ClearView with me.  Well, the building is now at a point that we can take you through to see the progress.


On Sunday, October 5 from 2:00 – 4:30 PM you are invited to come to ClearView and take a guided tour through the construction site. 

Tours will be about 30 minutes in length and will run continuously, every 10-15 minutes throughout the 2 ½ hour period.  Anyone middle school age and older is invited to attend.  For safety reasons we cannot give tours to anyone below grade 6.  All children must be accompanied by a parent or other adult.


I am glad we get to do this…I think you will be surprised at what God is giving us to be stewards of.

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