Who Sings In the Choir?

This week, (August 6, 2012) as I do the final preparation for the first choir rehearsal of the season I thought I would repost this blog that voices my thoughts on 'who sings in the choir.' If you are interested in being a member of the worship choir at ClearView take a look at this link that gives more details.


Just recently I was reminded of how I should communicate more often concerning who should be an active member of the worship choir at ClearView. So here goes.

The only requirements to be a member of the worship choir is a love for singing and a desire to worship God, who He is and what He has done through His Son. I know that might seem simple but that is it. Notice there are no auditions required, just a desire to worship and love for singing.

For all the years that I have been leading choirs I have had many people who love to sing say they could not be a part of the worship choir because their assumption is that all participants in the choir read music and are all soloists. The reality is that they are people who love God and are willing to give the talent they have back to Him through participating in the ministry of the worship choir.

In the New Testament we find the story of where a large crowd of people were fed with an amazing amount of food that started out as just a small portion. One of the accounts of this story states that the beginning portions of food were that of a lunch of a boy. The boy was willing to offer what he had and then Jesus took it, gave thanks for it and multiplied that gift.

For those who participate in the choir I believe they are giving to the Lord through their hours of preparation and their ministry what they have, a love for singing and their love of God that is expressed through worship. God then takes that offering and multiplies it for His glory.

Do you have a love for singing and a heart for God that you love to express through worship?  If so you might want to say yes when your church is looking for worship choir members.

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