Christmas In August

WARNING…long blog

It is that time of year when I start the intentional drive toward the Christmas season.  For the last couple of months I have been thinking about Christmas as I researched what type of services and music should be added to the schedule at ClearView.  One of the things that is still being decided is what type and how many services we will do on Christmas Eve.  A lot of that decision will be determined by the completion of the new building on our campus.


What has been decided is the special music that the worship choir will present.  For the last few years the music and style of service, the worship choir has led, has been of a particular genre.  This year I felt it was time to take a different direction. I am looking forward to the change. The music feels like Christmas and has some nice choral moments, some nice orchestral moments and time for worship and reflection.


At the time I was trying to decide on the music the Clearview staff was discussing the ‘core values’ of ClearView: Biblical Teaching; Passionate Worship; Transformed Lives and Missions.  Through the music and other elements of the Christmas presentation, ClearView will have the opportunity to demonstrate and participate in all of these core values.


Biblical Teaching: the content of the musical is directly based on scripture, and most of the spoken parts are direct quotes of scripture.


Passionate Worship: there are specific times in the musical that the choir and congregation will be given the opportunity to participate in corporate worship.


Transformed Lives: there will be opportunity to witness this core values in two ways: 1) the members of the worship ministry (people with transformed lives, because of Christ) will get to share their witness; and 2) there will be an intentional time of invitation for those who do not know Christ, to meet Him and decide to recognize Him as Lord.


Missions: Christmas is celebrated in most homes in our area. With openness and familiarity to the story of Christmas there is a great opportunity to get ‘non-churched’ persons inside the doors of a church.  This year the worship ministry will be presenting their Christmas production three times, two on Sunday, December 14, 9:30 and 11:00 AM  and one on Saturday night December 13 at 7:00 PM. The Saturday night performance was scheduled so that the ClearView family could invite neighbors and friends to celebrate the season of Christmas…missions in action.


It is not too early to begin thinking and praying about how you can be involved in inviting persons to attend these presentations of the Christmas story.   Be watching for more information about this mission and worship event that celebrates the life transforming power of Christ and is based directly on the Word of God.

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