Topped Out

Topping OutToday the new construction at ClearView topped out.  The last roof trusses for the chapel were set and it will only be a few days until the whole project is roofed and the finish work can move on at full speed.  I was thinking about the whole project over the last few days and how God has led ClearView through this whole process. There have been times when we wondered what was going on as we dealt with rising costs, government requirements and land acquisitions.  Our faith was in God, not in the circumstances or our own wisdom or talents. God had it and has it under control.

Almost daily I take a walk through the new building and am amazed at what God is placing in our hands.  It is not just a building for the people of ClearView today, but a place, that as ClearView shares Christ, those people will have a place to worship. Over the last few months my prayers have changed from “God help us get this building out of the ground; on time and on budget,” to “God give us wisdom and vision to find the proper uses for this space. Motivate us to reach out to our community and neighbors sharing Christ, so that more people will worship You and call You Lord.”

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