A College Degree you never know when you will use it.

Yes I have been inministry for 27 years, however, that is not what I went to college to study.  I remember that throughout high school I knew I was going to college to major in music and for some reason I remember that I was felt strongly that I wanted to get a degree in music education.  I also remember clearly that I wanted that degree because I thought it would transfer well to the church.  Anyway… As a part of the music education degree I spent quite a bit of time preparing to be a high school band director. I got some great experience with the Cleveland High School Blue Raider Marching band in Cleveland Tennessee and their leaders Crill Higgans, Eddy Freytag and Ron Peace.

Even though God lead me down a different path…one of full-time ministry…I still enjoy begin around high school bands.  For the past four years I have had the privilege of working as a volunteer insturctor with the Centennial High School Cougar Band in Franklin. Last week I was able to spend some time with them preparing for the marching season. Last week it was all about learning the music. This week I am off to band camp where we will spend many hours out in the sun learning all the drill for this year’s show. (This is how I spend some of my vacation days.)

God did lead me down a different path, one of working in a church and not with a band.  But when he gave me clear direction on what degree he wanted me to get he was preparing me for these days with Centennial.

Band Camp

27 years in ministry not very long