"Le Tour"...stage 10

For the last few years I have been trying to talk myself into riding up Lynnwood Way (Moores Lane as it extends west past Franklin Road.) The grade as you go up this road is just about 8% and the length of the climb is just about one mile. When I compare this climb to what the riders on “Le Tour” are doing I feel like a “wimp.” Each climb of any significance is rated by categories of 1 to 5 and 1 is the hardest. There are even those climbs that are rated ‘beyond category.’ (On the “Le Tour” web-site these climbs are considered tougher than a 1.) Yesterday there were two ‘beyond category’ climbs. One of those had an average grade of 7.5%, and it went on for just over 10 miles…unbelievable. What is even more impressive is that the big climb took place near the end of 100 miles of riding. I have no desire to be punished that way.

27 years in ministry not very long

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