That’s the word we usually use to describe the emphasis of the service for this Sunday, June 15.  Other churches use words like “Lord’s Supper” and “Eucharist.”

Most of the Communion services I have participated in seem to reflect a somber mood.  I guess the reason is that we are remembering the great sacrifice that was offered on our behalf…all that Christ suffered for us.

Just recently I read this:  “We have celebrated the Lord’s Supper as a funereal, doleful memorial to a departed hero rather than as the joyous Sunday Resurrection meal it is intended to be….”

This Sunday’s service is going to give the opportunity for both emotions: solemn remembrance and joyful celebration.  We will take a few moments to compare our life to that of Christ and spend some time in confession and repentance. Then we will move to the part of the service where we take the elements and at this time we will sing songs that help us voice our thanksgiving for the sacrifice.  And finally we will end with some celebration songs that will help us express our joy for the gift of salvation and forgiveness in Christ.

In 2 Chronicles 30 are recorded the events of a Passover celebration…it was a party like atmosphere…there was much to be thankful for.  I am looking forward to Sunday as I get to celebrate the miraculous story of God and retell the events of Christ’s life.

My challenge is: the next time you are privileged to participate in a worship event that includes Communion, make it a point to sing in full voice and smile as you contemplate the Lord’s gift to you.

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