So Different From Years Ago

Just as I am enduring vocal silence now my mother also did about forty years ago. I remember as a kid my mom having to go through some sort of vocal surgery and then not talk for a week or two. I also remember that to get mine and my sister’s attention she created this loud whisper sound; that to this day if I hear it I think my mom is near. Enduring, vocal silence in 2008 is so different from what she went through years ago. She didn’t have email or blogging or text messaging or even dry erase boards. I ave even spent the last hour looking up software options that allow me to type and the type turn into spoken word. Next week the church staff is having a planning and dreaming retreat, so that I can be a part of the dialog my staff is working on options for me to add my nterjections through type to sound or projected words. (For all you staff members who thought you would be blessed with my silence, think again.) During the time my mom was going through 'vocal silence' my dad was pastoring a small church and in those years the pastor's wife was involved in everything in the church: committees; bake sales; Sunday School; choir and anything else that needed to get done. Mom, I don’t know how you did it without all the technology help that I have today, but I do know I still remember the sound you created to get my attention.

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