God Knew the Worship Plan

It doesn't matter the week, what happens before or during, Sundays always show up. For nearly 31 years I have faced a blank piece of paper each week that is waiting for an outline of songs and other elements that will make up a worship service. Early on in my career that blank piece of paper for the next service stayed blank until the week of the service. Now I almost get into a panic if I don't have a month of service outlines filling those sheets of paper (or computer screens.)

Today's outline was completed over a month ago and at that time I had no idea what our pastor's topic of the day would be. When I put the elements on paper I felt they were what God wanted me to use. It wasn't until this morning that I understood completely.

Here is the Setlist:

Songs, Scripture and Prayer Everlasting God by Brenton Brown, Ken Riley Scripture: Psalm 62 Psalm 62 by Aaron Keyes, Stuart Townend Time of Reflection: remembering God's faithfulness We Will Remember by Tommy Walker Great Is Thy Faithfulness


Song Let the Church Rise by Israel Houghton, Jonathan Stockstill

Here are the sermon outline points:

  • Remember the Past
  • Rejoice in the Present
  • God gave us our mission
  • Recommit to future with your presence
    • present in worship
    • connect into a small group
    • find a place to serve
    • invest and invite
    • give consistently

God knew way before I did how the setlist would support the sermon...it shouldn't but it still does amaze me how God's prompting to two different men at different times leads to a common presentation of the Gospel and the mission of the church.


This post is my contribution to the blog carnival Sunday Setlists found at The Worship Community.