Two Coaches, Two Good Coaches

Coaching ClipboardI never thought I would say this but, “I like to run.” A big part of the enjoyment is setting and meeting goals. (It also allows me to be competitive, with myself and others.)

During the last two years I have been able to work with a couple of coaches, who have helped me, improve performance and meet goals. They are both great coaches. 

Here are some observations about these coaches that I see can apply to sports or business, leading a team or an individual.

A good coach:

  • helps a team or individual set a goal
  • develops a training plan
  • works with the individual or team to adapt the training plan
  • reminds often of the goal and how the training plan will help meet the goal
  • holds them accountable for the training and improvement
  • offers encouragement throughout the training
  • gives constructive criticism so the training can be productive and efficient
  • when it is time to execute for the goal, reinforces, reminds about training, progressive steps that got you to this point
  • gives last minute instructions and encourages a push to the goal, based on the training

Observing these coaches has reminded me how to a better coach for my team as we set and meet goals and objectives together.

Thanks David and Christi Beth for being great coaching examples.

The “lawn-mowing” gene

Cut the GrassI know it seems strange but I like mowing the yard. It’s not just that I like to mow the yard it’s that I want the yard done a certain way.

Most dads can’t wait to turn the lawn mowing duties over to their sons, that wasn’t the case for me.

I think my son was 15 or 16 before I let him mow the backyard. Notice I said the backyard. It was still a few more years before I gave him the opportunity to mow the front yard.

(hang with me this post is not about mowing the yard)

Now my son is 20 and I finally admitted he had inherited the “lawn mowing” gene. What motivated me to make the statement was how he mowed the yard, he did it as well as I could do it, even changing the mowing pattern from what I had done the week before. I think the comment took him by surprise. Continue Reading…

My Heart Is Yours

Over the next few weeks we are introducing a new worship song to our congregation, My Heart Is Yours. The song falls in the category of ‘response’ to what God has done for us and what He is calling us to do. I like how it uses a portion of the hymn I Surrender All to support its message.

Here is a video of the song:

“Yes” to Ministry in the Right Place

Any given Sunday, on any church campus, there are people carrying out a multitude of tasks, from parking cars, to caring for children to singing in a choir and countless other things.

A few years ago we counted and determined that 78% of our members had said ‘yes’ to serving in some capacity in one of our ministries. We are working hard to get back to that percentage of participation.

Every Christ-follower is equipped by the Holy Spirit to do ministry. Every church carries the responsibility to help a person determine where they can serve best…not where is the church’s biggest need.

Too often I have seen people recruited to fill a pressing ministry need and say yes because of ‘staff persuasion,’ only to find out later that they were not called, nor equipped to meet the need.

A church functions better when there is a plan and process in place to help a person determine their calling and identify their gifts. Continue Reading…

Hearts That Are Stirred

Time With GodTrue or False: The effectiveness of a Christ-follower’s testimony is dependent on how they allow their hearts to be stirred by the presence of God.

True or False:  Possessions, gifts, talents, skills, intelligence and wisdom come from God Almighty. 

Last year our congregation journeyed through the whole bible in chronological order. Reading God’s Word never gets old, in fact each time you read it will speak in new ways. That’s what happened as I read Exodus chapters 35-40 and the insights challenged me in four ways.

  • spend time with God and people will notice
  • God calls people, invites people to join Him in what He is already doing.
  • when your heart is truly stirred by God’s presence you freely give possessions, gifts, talents and time for His glory
  • Christ-followers’ surrendered gifts help build God’s kingdom and fulfill His mission

I have seen them…people who reflect God’s glory. You know they have spent time with God. That was Moses. He met God (Exodus 34:29-35) and when he came back to the people they noticed. I have to ask myself, do I spend the time I need in God’s presence so that the people I live with, work with and minister with notice? Continue Reading…

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