One of My Heroes

This is Ian, he is one of my heroes.

I am running the St. Jude Country Music Half Marathon for children like Ian.  You see Ian is a patient of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Over the past four years St Jude has been a  safe haven of healing for Ian and his family. Ian has endured surgeries, side affects of drugs and reoccurring follow-up visits to the research hospital. I am happy to say that Ian is now doing great. I get to see him just about every week running and playing with children his age. It is hard for me to imagine what he has endured in his short life. But thanks to St Jude and the services they provide he is in school, enjoying life and about to start his second season of little league baseball.

The majority of St. Jude’s operating budget comes directly from donations. I am running for Ian and St Jude and I am also donating to this cause. Will you join me?

Running a half-marathon takes on a different perspective when I realize that I am running to support St. Jude. The miles will mean more than exercise or trying to set a personal best. With each one I will be reminded of Ian and how you and I teamed up to help support St. Jude so that they can make a positive impact on the live of other children.

Will you join me to help support St. Jude? It is easy to donate just follow this link.

Commit to the Leader or the Organization?

The city of Nashville was not happy a few weeks ago. Especially the sub-group that are fans of Vanderbilt University Football. Their coach, the one that elevated the excitement level and brought winning back to the program resigned. In an interview on a national radio program he made this statement:

“people might think recruits should commit to a school but the reality is they commit to the coach.”

Let’s take this statement outside the realms of sports…how about the new job you are searching? Do you commit to the team/organization or to the leader?


You must understand and believe in the values of the organization.


You must also in sync with the leader.

It could be the best job in the world, great salary, great benefits, great potential for advancement


If you and your up-line leader do not understand, respect, tolerate and gel, it will quickly become the worst job.

The organization puts hours into finding the right candidate to fill a position. I believe, that if you are the candidate you have to put the same amount of time into finding out as much about the company as possible. Do you believe in the product or service? Do you agree with their work environment values? And will you be able to work with your supervisor?

Do you think you should commit to the team/company or to the leader?

Worship Planning Questions

  • There is no plan set in scripture about what the outline of the a worship service should be.
  • There are instructions that tell us that everything should glorify God and edify the people.
  • There are scriptures that tell us to use psalms, hymns and spiritual songs but even the definitions of these terms can be argued.
  • There are examples of corporate worship that have been passed down through the centuries.
  • There are definite turning points and opinion separations throughout history as denominations were formed.

So what guide lines should worship leaders use when trying to determine what goes into a service of worship? Continue Reading…

The Best Compliment


There have been many Sundays when at the end of a worship service I hear: ‘the service was great today’ or ‘I loved the music today’ or ‘great energy in the service today.’

Those are all nice things to hear but the greatest compliment a worship pastor could hear would be something like this:

“The worship service today really helped me see God. I felt like I was in this deep conversation with Him and because of that I know Him better. I now know what I can do to make the relationship even better and want to do so.”

I want to make sure our team produces a quality service but more importantly I want to produce a service that is encourages worship of both ‘spirit’ and ‘Truth.’

Let the focus be on God and what He has done for us through His Son. Let our response be one of adoration, praise and surrender.  That’s worship.

What I learned about being a welcoming church from WinShape retreat center

This week I will make my second trip to WinShape Retreat Center on the Berry College Campus near Rome Georgia. The campus is beautiful and welcoming, but it wasn’t just the beauty that made me feel welcomed.

  • The signage was clear
  • The campus was well manicured
  • They were expecting us
  • They called us by name
  • Every staff member wore a name tag
  • They anticipated what we needed
  • Room supplies
  • Map of campus
  • Umbrellas
  • Whenever possible they open all doors- saw us coming
  • They were always asking if the could assist us
  • They were willing to go out of their way to answer our questions and help us

These items would be a great evaluation check-list for a church ‘Guest Experience’ team. All of them are attainable.

It really was about attention to detail.

I am working through this check-list on our campus.

Have you seen other examples of great ‘guest experience’ teams?

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