Ministry Transition

Earlier this week I accepted the ministry position as Executive Pastor at RiverTree Church in Huntsville, Alabama. Soon after that I submitted my resignation to ClearView Baptist Church where I have served for almost seventeen years.

Not only I am moving to a different ministry location but I am also transitioning to a new area of ministry. For the last 34 years I have served as a Minister of Music/Worship Pastor in the local church.

Although this may seem as a major change, I believe it is what God has been preparing me for.

Throughout my career as a Worship Pastor I have had the opportunity to lead many other ministry areas from managing an office staff to coordinating three building projects and everything in between.

I am a strong believer in the fact that God allows you to experience things where you are now for what He wants you to do in the future.

God has been preparing me for the new ministry role.
God has opened the door for this new ministry.
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A Daily Pep Talk

How do you enter the office every day?

Making this more personal: how do I enter the office every day?
Meeting with some friends a few weeks ago one of the guys mentioned that he gives himself a pep talk each morning as he walks from his car to the entrance to his office. The pep talk includes these three statements:
  1. help me be a good leader today.
  2. let me inspire those I lead
  3. let me move the organization forward today
Simple statements that could be a game changer for the day.
I was challenged by the three statements, more importantly I was challenged to be intentional about how I enter the office every day.
Do you have a mantra that you use to get a day at the office started?

Encouragement When It Is Tough

There are times when the job is tough.

There are times you notice that your co-worker or team member is working hard, doing all the right things, but the tasks seems to be uphill all the way.

A few weeks ago I participated in a running relay from Chattanooga to Nashville, I was one member of a 12 person team. My last leg was the longest, it had the most elevation changes and it was hot. I started out great, but it wasn’t long until I was struggling.

Half way into the 9 mile run I was passed by someone who didn’t seem to be struggling at all. “What, did he get more that my three hours of sleep the night before?” The fact that he was passing me was a little disheartening until he said a few words: Continue Reading…

Lord I Need You

The following is short devotional thought I wrote for my church and was originally posted at


There is a popular worship song that has this text:

teach my song to rise to You
when temptation comes my way

It almost suggest that temptation only comes our way on occasion…reality…temptations rise often.

When you are tempted, don’t you feel isolated?
…you’re the only one this is happening to.
…you’re the only one that is being tempted in that moment.

When I am tempted and I let the thought build, I feel isolated.

I have come to realize that the feeling of isolation is because I am shutting God out and letting something else in. Russell Moore, in his book Tempted and Tried  says this: “temptation is, by definition, subtle and personality specific, with a strategy to enter as larvae and then emerge in the fullness of time as a destructive animal force.

In the book of James the same thought is stated this way: Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away. 15 These desires give birth to sinful actions. And when sin is allowed to grow, it gives birth to death. (James 1:14-15)

Giving time and thought to temptations is like giving power to or energizing the temptation.

So how do we walk through and not give into temptation? Continue Reading…

Alone With God

Hands on BibleThis post first appeared on the website It is a part of the series of devotionals in the #PrayingThrough campaign.

ClearView is in a stage of its ministry where it is looking for a new senior/lead pastor. The team that has been charged with the task of searching and finding this person has asked the church to spend the next 90 days in concentrated prayer. The specific prayer is focused mainly on ClearView being aligned with God’s will in mission and ministry.

The challenge to the congregation is to spend time daily in prayer. This post is an example of how to spend intentional time with God each day.


Many mornings during the week I call my mom. I enjoy hearing her voice. I enjoy finding out what she is doing and she is always wanting to know what is going on in my life. There are mornings that our conversations are short and to the point. Other mornings our words seem to flow endlessly, just enjoying the time of conversation. And still other times they are business-like as we go over details about our lives and how those details affect our relationship now and in the future. Because I talk to her often, its easy to talk to her. Its easy to get the conversation started.

There are other family members that I talk to less often. I still care for them we just don’t have a routine about talking. Our lives are busy and we just don’t seem to connect through conversation. In those times when we have talked often I know more about them. Admittedly our relationship would be stronger if we talked more often.

I love God and am grateful that He pursued a relationship with me, not just as Creator but as Savior. I know that there is nothing that can separate me from His love (Romans 8:35-39). Yet if I am not careful my relationship with God could easily slip into the ‘other family member’ category, talking occasionally and having a distant relationship.

The phone calls to my mom are intentional…

My ‘alone with God’ time is also intentional… Continue Reading…

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