A Simple Job

A Simple Job


It was a simple job.

He was given the tools and instructed, "go wash the windows."

Diligently he began the task with the tools in his hands in the way he knew.

He sprayed cleaner on the window,

Took the paper towel and begin to spread the product,

The paper begins to deteriorate but he kept working hard.

All the hard work was doing nothing but mixing dirt and cleaner to create a cloudy film.

What went wrong?


Having the right tools doesn’t mean you know the proper way to do the job.

Where did the process of getting the job done well go wrong? 

We didn’t take the time to show him the best way to use the tools.

To get someone on board and quickly doing the job there needs to be training.

We would have cleaner windows right now if we had given a few instructions.


Providing the proper tools and giving are just two of six steps that can help a team member find success resulting in a job well done.

  1. Give the proper tools
  2. Instruct on how to use the tools
  3. Let him try the tools
  4. Observe how he was doing
  5. Give feedback
  6. Allow them to give feedback and suggest ideas
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