Using the Model Prayer

Using the Model Prayer

It has been repeated millions of times, but that was not its purpose. Its purpose was to be a model, an outline for prayer. After a hearing a recent sermon dissecting the Lord's prayer I have been using the 'model' as an outline for one of my daily conversations with God. Doing so has kept me more focused and kept everything in perspective.

Our father...

God it is amazing to think that you invite us to call you Father and that title implies that you want to talk to us. Thank you for initiating the conversation. Thank you for giving us the privileges and accountability that being your son brings.

...who is in heaven

I love the thought Father that my worship and my prayers are joining with the continual worship that is happening around Your throne right now. I have to admit that 'who is in heaven' seems far away but I am reminded that you also said that your are with us now, where we are.

...hallowed be your name

there is no one like You Father and I want to stop and call You "Holy." That one word seems to sum up who You are...complete, perfect.

...your kingdom come

what a great reality that I am a part of Your family through the gift of love through Your Son. Father this phrase is such great encouragement, one day we will get to see You face-to-face. Until You send Your Son back for His bride, help me to be faithful to You and to building Your kingdom here on earth.

...your will be done on earth as it is in heaven

these words are easy to spit out quickly but to endure patiently, that's where I have a hard time. Its the waiting, its trying to know Your heart and surrender my will to Your ways. I know that You will accomplish what is in Your plan, I ask that You give me patience to wait and look for You where I am.

...give us this day our daily bread

You care about every aspect of my life, not just the spiritual side. You show me that you even want me to pray to you about my daily provisions. If you care that much about the little things then I accept that as an invitation to bring to You my petitions: ___________________________ , ____________________ , __________________ , and ____________ . (As I close this section of petitions I want to go back and say 'Your will be done.'

...and forgive our debts

I am a sinner, I feel unworthy to talk to You, please forgive me where I have failed You; where I have intentionally turned away from Your promptings; where I have surrendered to temptation. Thank You Father that You promise forgiveness. Help me to live more like You everyday so that I am running back to You less for forgiveness. I am eternally grateful for Your mercy. we forgive our debtors

You don't remember my past sins once they are forgiven. Help me to forgive and forget the actions of those who hurt me. Help me to love. Help me to show love and mercy, that's not natural for me but it is natural for You and I want to be more like You.

...lead us not into temptation

You promised to never give us anything that You would not help us endure. The problem, I give in before I let You help, I tune out Your warning voice. God help me remember to listen to You so that You can guard my heart and protect my soul.

...but deliver us from the evil one

until the day You call me home, to join in the never ending worship around Your throne, help me keep my eyes on You and not the glitter of the world. The 'evil one' flashes so much before me that seems important and satisfying, help me to evaluate it against Your holiness and Your will.

...for Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever.

You were, You are and You will be. You never change, You have all power and You will reign in glory forever. For all that You are to me, for Your faithfulness, for Your provisions, for Your love, thank You. To You alone be the glory.


Have you used the 'model prayer' in this way?

Is there another way you take the teachings of Jesus on prayer and implement them in your daily conversations with Him?


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