Does the Team You Lead Perform?

The challenge of any leader: “is the team I lead getting enough done and in the right way?”  In other words do they PERFORM? A leader of teams is all about the people versus the product. When a team is performing they are working together, recognizing and valuing each one’s uniqueness and abilities. It is only then that a great product is produced. 

As we recruit, establish and train teams what measures our process?

Alison Hardingham and Jenny Royal, in their book Teamwork in Practice, take the word PERFORM, using each letter as marker for evaluation for a team.

  • Productivity: is the team getting enough done?
  • Empathy: do the team members feel comfortable with each other
  • Roles & Goals: do they know what they’re supposed to be doing?
  • Flexibility: are they open to outside influence and contribution?
  • Openness: do they say what they think?
  • Recognition: do they praise each other and publicize achievement?
  • Morale: do people want to be in this team?

    From the book Teamwork in Practice, by Alison Hardingham and Jenny Royal

I have the privilege of leading a variety of teams at ClearView Church, Franklin, TN. Teams of staff and teams of volunteers. I consider it a great privilege and responsibility. As a part of that process of leading I constantly evaluate my efforts. The acrostic of PERFORM is another way I can continue with that evaluation.  It cannot be the only way, because ministry is about making God’s glory known which brings in a whole other set of criteria. (A subject for a future blog.)

I am challenged daily in my efforts as it relates to keeping the team on track; allowing the team to soar in their abilities and skills.  I will continue to ask the question: “are the teams PERFORMing?” “Am I doing the right things to facilitate the process, encouraging the people and making God’s glory known?”

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