If you truly worship

If you truly meet God you will worship;

and if you truly

others will be drawn to God. 

                            Gerrit GustafsonChurch_franklin_worship_clearview

It’s Thursday but Sunday (2-15) is coming

Okay I am going to try to start
a new trend…a new blog post every Thursday giving a preview of what to expect
in services at ClearView each weekend. 
In so doing I hope that we can all be prepared to meet God in the
conversation which is worship.


Get ready…there will be a lot of
excitement in the worship room this week as Sunday will be the conclusion of
DNOW weekend for students grades 6-12. The center section of the worship center
is usually packed with students, middle school at 9:30 and high school at 11:00
AM.  It is so fun to see them engaged in


The sermon this Sunday continues
from Nehemiah and our pastor will be walking us through chapters 11 and
12.  In preparation for the service, why
don’t we take a few minutes to read these chapters and maybe even look over
notes from previous weeks.


Another way to prepare for
Sunday would be to look at the following scriptures that are the basis for some
of the songs we will sing:


Psalm 136:1-5 (Forever)

40:31 (Everlasting God)

Psalm 91:1-44 (Still)

5:20-21 (Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone)

7:11-12 (Hallelujah We Will Sing)

Worship is not just what we do
on Sunday mornings, but how we live our lives in obedience to God.  The gathering on Sunday mornings is important
also as we gain strength from the corporate celebration…the sound of voices
joining together in song and prayer and from the teaching of God’s word.

(photography by David Jones)

Something is not right…

As I was walking this morning I witnessed a scene that reminded me that we really don’t have our priorities right in this country…even in Williamson County Tennessee where I live.

The scene…

As I walked past a day-care I watched as a mother helped two small children from her car.  Instead of clinging to their mother, the two little girls ran with arms wide open to a day-care worker who was headed into the building.  The worker stopped and talked to the two little girls and even picked up the smallest one. It was obvious that the girls cared for the worker and it was also obvious that the worker cared for the children.

The part that is not right…

The story about Alex Rodriquez cheating in baseball, yet getting paid millions of dollars every year and then seeing a day-care worker loving and being loved by children and my guess is she barely makes over minimum wage. How did we get to this place?

I live in Williamson County, Tennessee, the richest county in Tennessee, yet the teachers in this county are not even the highest paid in the state, much less compare to the athletes who live here.

Why do we pay athletes so much, which places value on what they do, yet don’t reward the people who care for and educate our children the same way?

It is not just the athletes…that is just one example and believe me there are many more.  I even wonder sometimes if I have come to expect too much pay for the job I do each week. I really want to continue to ask that question and be willing to give beyond what I think is required and give all I can to help others. I will continue to examine my heart on this issue.

An Example of Leadership

This year I have been on a
journey to learn as much as I can about being a better leader.  This week I have witnessed three great
examples in very different circumstances. 
Most of my week was spent at a conference for worship leaders, cre:ate,
created and lead by Randy Elrod.  He did
an amazing job organizing this event and leading all the participants.  He has a unique statement for describing
leaders: ‘a leader is one who influences influencers.’  You can follow Randy Elrod on twitter at
@recreate and his blog at http://www.randyelrod.typepad.com/.


Most of today I spent with a
group of amazing students from Centennial High School,in Franklin, Tennessee,
who have stepped forward to try to make a difference in their school and their
band.  All day we talked about leadership…they
really get it.  Here is a list of
characteristics they think a leader should model:

Servant- a leader
should be willing to carry out any task that is asked or required of them, no
matter how un-prestigious or unappealing it seems.

High Standards-a
leader should try to improve themselves before giving direction to others and
to expect more of themselves than anyone else.

Vision-a leader
should be able to visualize where they want to lead the group and set goals to
reach their vision.

Good Communication-
a leader should communicate their goals to the group and communicate with their
leaders about what needs to get done.

Good Example- a
leader should behave as they want all members of the group to behave.

Humility- a
leader should not be wrapped up in their title or boastful.

Kindness- a
leader should be kind to others and be able to give instruction in a
tactful manner so it will be as effective as possible.

Investment- a
leader should be invested not only in their cause but also in the people they
lead. Leaders should genuinely care about all the individuals of the group.

Perspective- a
leader MUST have enough perspective to realize that they will not be perfect
and that when things go wrong what's important is to learn from mistakes and
move forward.

There is another leadership
trait that I think is very important…honesty…that even means being honest when
you make mistakes.  As leaders it can be
so easy to sweep mistakes under the rug so to speak, trying to hide them or
covering them up. Take a moment to read the blog of my boss and see a great
example of honesty.

I am still on my quest to learn
about how to be an effective leader and the three examples above have pushed me
down the road a little further.

Over 600

This week my friend list on
Facebook topped 600.  I now officially have more friends than my college
age daughter. I don’t know if I should brag about that or not.  Here is what I do know: Facebook has become a
ministry tool.  It has become a way for
me to stay connected with persons at our church and in my community and from
what I learn I have conversation starters when I get the privilege of seeing
these people in person.


Just recently a consultant in Nashville, Maurilio
Amorim, posted a blog "Should Pastors Use Social Media?" I hope you take a few moments to read this.


I am new to the social
networking world but I have become a fan in a short time and a user of both
Facebook and Twitter. So if you get a chance I would love to connect with you on both Facebook and Twitter.