Giving Permission to be Honest

Do you have someone in your life who you give permission to be honest with you?

Permission to speak

God gives us great examples and resources for being a leader in His Word. One of the greatest examples of a leader is King David. God must have wanted us to learn much from David as there is a good portion of the Old Testament dedicated to his life.
There are many things we can learn from David about organization, rallying our team, how to seek forgiveness, compassion for family and close colleagues. And recently reading through the events of David’s life I learned the importance of something else: ‘always have someone who you allow to speak honestly with you, to you and about you.’ Continue Reading…

How Good It Is

How good it is

There is something special and even relaxing when you are around friends. There is something, even greater, empowering and supportive when Christ-followers gather in one place to worship God. 

The two main purposes of corporate worship are to ‘glorify God‘ and ‘edify (encourage) the body.’
Granted worship can happen anywhere and anytime, however God’s plan of His children gathering together was no accident.
  • We remember we are not alone in our walk.
  • We demonstrate our acceptance of each other.
  • We testify to fellow believers that we trust in God.
  • We testify to the non-believers in our gatherings of our love for God.
  • We are able to rejoice together in times of gladness.
  • We can unify in prayer during times of need.
Keith and Krystan Getty have recently released a new song that voice the sentiments of a healthy faith family and the joy that comes from worshiping together. The song is titled: Oh How Good It Is, based on the beginning verse of Psalm 133.
This Sunday will be the first time we will be using this song in our services.

Remembering and Forgotten

Don't Forgetremembering the things we did and how we acted before forgiveness through Christ…gut wrenching, disgusting

remembering how it feels to be forgiven… exhilarating

remembering that God, because He has forgiven, will never remember our past… indescribable


4 Obstacles Moses Faced as a Leader

bigstock-Footprints-on-sand-dune-Sahar-16402469There are some days that a leader feels as if he is in a battle. Whether it is with the short amount of time to complete a task, financial pressures, staff conflict or a growing number of items that need to have closure.

Could anyone have felt the weight of leadership more than Moses? Continue Reading…

Vocal Silence

no speak signUpon leaving his Temple duty Zechariah was not able to speak…vocal silence because there was a crisis of belief.

There were many Sundays I left the stage of our worship center with very little voice, just a whisper.  There was no crisis of belief, but there was something going on, a crisis, especially for a worship leader.

At first I thought the tired and almost non-sounding voice I was experiencing was the result of allergies or the cold I had been fighting. Not until the appointment with the Department of Otolaryngology at the Vanderbilt Voice Center did I realize that the vocal stress was not allergy related. After one quick and high-tech (video) look at my vocal folds in action, the doctors pointed out a small spot on one side of my vocal folds which was also causing irritation to the other side.

Knowing there was a significant problem with the instrument that I rely on and also make my living with caused some serious soul searching. Would I have to change jobs? Could I continue in my present job and still be effective? There was a crisis, not of belief but a crisis nevertheless.

The prescribed course of action was to arrange my schedule so that I could be silent for fourteen days. No words, no humming, no whispering. The silence would be accompanied by large doses of steroids to see if the two together would cause the ‘vocal fold spots’ to disappear. Continue Reading…

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