4 Obstacles Moses Faced as a Leader

bigstock-Footprints-on-sand-dune-Sahar-16402469There are some days that a leader feels as if he is in a battle. Whether it is with the short amount of time to complete a task, financial pressures, staff conflict or a growing number of items that need to have closure.

Could anyone have felt the weight of leadership more than Moses? Continue Reading…

Vocal Silence

no speak signUpon leaving his Temple duty Zechariah was not able to speak…vocal silence because there was a crisis of belief.

There were many Sundays I left the stage of our worship center with very little voice, just a whisper.  There was no crisis of belief, but there was something going on, a crisis, especially for a worship leader.

At first I thought the tired and almost non-sounding voice I was experiencing was the result of allergies or the cold I had been fighting. Not until the appointment with the Department of Otolaryngology at the Vanderbilt Voice Center did I realize that the vocal stress was not allergy related. After one quick and high-tech (video) look at my vocal folds in action, the doctors pointed out a small spot on one side of my vocal folds which was also causing irritation to the other side.

Knowing there was a significant problem with the instrument that I rely on and also make my living with caused some serious soul searching. Would I have to change jobs? Could I continue in my present job and still be effective? There was a crisis, not of belief but a crisis nevertheless.

The prescribed course of action was to arrange my schedule so that I could be silent for fourteen days. No words, no humming, no whispering. The silence would be accompanied by large doses of steroids to see if the two together would cause the ‘vocal fold spots’ to disappear. Continue Reading…

When Leaders Are Challenged

When Leaders Are ChallengedIt’s going to happen, your team is going to come to you with a problem. They might be surfacing a frustration with your leadership, a challenge that they have no idea how to handle or communicating struggles they are having with their own teams. It’s going to happen.

The number of leadership books that fill the pages of Amazon or the shelves of the bookstore are representative of the number of solutions on how to handle problems or challenges. As a Christ-follower first and then leader the best resource for finding leadership solutions is in God’s Word.

In the book of Numbers Chapter 20, Moses, the leader of thousands of people, was face with a big problem, he and his followers were in the desert and they had no water. Obviously he knew there was a problem, but it became a big issue when his followers started complaining. In the recording of the confrontation it actually says the people quarreled with Moses and insinuated, no blamed him for leading them to the wrong place.

Here is what we can see from this scenario….

  • Moses listened to their concerns without making comment or making a hasty decision
  • Involved his closest team member to be a part of the process
  • Sent the followers away without giving a decision
  • Before discussing a solution with his team spent time in prayer

There have been many times I have been faced with challenges from my team and too often I reacted out of my own wisdom before seeking God.. But that is not the example we see displayed by Moses….before giving an answer he spent time in prayer.

There have also been times when I have petitioned God for answers, sometimes they become clear and others no so much. Clear answer or gut feeling I know that the time I spent in prayer was productive because I always think clearer when I have been in His presence.

I am student of leadership and enjoy the process of learning to be a better leader and the best examples of God inspired leadership are in His word.

What is your favorite example of leadership from the Bible?

Write that note!

Write that noteI have a file labeled ‘affirmation.’ Its the place where I have kept many of the notes and cards of encouragement given to me over the span of my career. The people who wrote those notes have no idea how many times they have encouraged me through the years. The little things do make a big and lasting impact. Take a look at this account of an event that my friend experience last week.

Yesterday, I met with a guy who worked with me for a number of years. He was a great employee and I thought a lot of him. I haven’t seen or talked to him in 7 years until yesterday. I was meeting with him about possibly filling a key job for us at another organization. During our conversation he was telling me that things had gotten a lot more difficult since his current company had been acquired recently. He said for many years he has carried three notes with him everyday in his planner that when things get tough and he gets down he pulls them out and reads them for encouragement– two of the notes are from his daughters and the other is a note I gave him. I had forgotten about my note. The weekend I left his current company and moved my personal goods out of the office, I wrote notes to several employees and left them in an envelope on their desks. The notes thanked them for all the support they had given to me over the years and letting them know how much I appreciated what they did. One of those notes I had left with him. You never know the impact your words have on people. It was quite humbling.

I make a point of trying to encourage my staff on a weekly if not daily basis, but I am not very good at writing notes…that needs to change.

I have the privilege of leading various teams of volunteers…I need to let them know more often what a great job they do…I need put it in writing.

Here’s my plan: I am going to start the week with five blank note cards on my desk and sometime during the week write what needs to be said, what is deserved to one of my team members or volunteers.

Do you make a point to write notes of encouragement, to co-workers, family and friends, on a regular basis?



Who are you pushing?

I remember the day Ken told me he would never play piano in church…I knew he had the skills.Businessman pushing a car

I remember the day when Ken told me he could never lead worship in a church…I knew he could.

Today Ken leads worship in a local church and does so from the piano.

It is the job of the leader to

  • find the best people for his team,
  • evaluate their skills,
  • give them opportunity to be used
  • provide training opportunities
  • and…push them beyond their current comfort level so they can be the best they can be.

Who is the next person you will add to your team?

Are you supporting them and giving them the training they need?

Will you give them opportunities to lead?

Are you pushing them to take new steps of service or leadership?

I am looking for my next Ken. Do you have a Ken or Frank or _________ that you are pushing?


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