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Heart Health: body, soul and spirit

My home page is set to Fox News and tonight and the headline
at the top of the page was: Fat Nation: Latest federal figures show that
Americans aren't just overweight — more and more are becoming obese.


of U.S.
adults are classified as overweight. Part of this is because we have evolved
into a sedentary society…we move very little. The Fox News article states the
statistics this way: 34 percent of Americans are obese,
… 32.7 percent are overweight…under 6 percent are "extremely" obese.


My full-time job is that of a minister, but my full-time
passion is to be a follower of Christ, trying to do what he wants in every
aspect of my life. For me every aspect means being intentional on how I take
care of my physical body also.


In the business I am in, we are always talking about heart
health…getting our spiritual heart right with God…because that’s what this job
is all about.  That is the most important thing.  There is nothing
more important than being in a right relationship with God: admitting we
are sinners; believing Jesus Christ died for our sins; confessing
our sins to God and living a life that puts Jesus Christ in a place of Lordship
for every aspect of our lives. And not just believing Christ but following Him
in every aspect of our lives.


Do we take care of the spiritual but forget the
physical.  This temple we live in is
amazing gift.   It amazes me that we take for granted; often neglect this
amazing gift…our body…that God has given us. 
Our bodies are a part of that “every aspect.”


you noticed in the Bible there are no guidelines for exercise …could it be that
the contemporaries of Biblical times were active people?  They walked
everywhere they went. They worked with their hands.  Our bodies were made
to move. Research shows that intentional moving, as little as 10-20 minutes
will make a tremendous difference in how we feel.
Moving burns calories; moving
makes our heart stronger; moving makes our bones stronger.


I have been on a journey of intentional movement now for
almost nine years. It has made a positive impact on how I live.  I encourage you to get moving. I
Thessalonians 5: 23
says: Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely. And may your spirit, soul, and body be kept sound and blameless for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


So…does living as a follower of
Christ mean that we are to get moving?

God’s Presence In the Midst of Tragedy

I been fortunate, my family has
faced very few tragedies. In fact there really have been none.  But this weekend changed all that. After
finishing a family Christmas at my parent’s home we all learned that the one
person who was not with us, my 23 year old nephew had died in his sleep.  Obviously the mood changed immediately, from
one of celebration and laughter to one of deep shock, sorrow and grief.  It is only been 36 hours since the discovery
and there is still shock, sorrow and grief. 


For years I have walked others
through these types of circumstances; standing with people around hospital
beds, in their homes or at emergency rooms. The words that I used during these
times were:  “God has a plan beyond our
understanding,” “God will give you strength to endure and peace to
overcome.”  Now it is time to put my
beliefs into action.  Time to trust what
I have said and what I have sung.


In these hours that we have
faced I can definitely say that God’s presence is real.  I have witnessed it with others and now I too
feel the peace and strength of Christ. We will continue to rely on God’s
strength as we face the long hours of the next few days.  And I will be praying that God presence is
very real to my sister and her family ever day.


One final thought:

There is reassurance and peace
in times like these when you know for sure that the person who has passed has
gone to a better place, because they have asked Christ to forgive them of sins
and they have turned their life completely over to him.

Christmas Memories…on Christmas Eve

As the years go by each
Christmas season brings surprises and changes, however, there are some things
that don’t and that is the joy of Christmas. 
I know that tomorrow morning after we open the gifts we will sit down to
a big breakfast, lovingly prepared by my wife. (This is her family’s tradition
that continues in our home.) I know that when we arrive at my mom’s home on the
day after Christmas I can look in the refrigerator and find a “Sour Cream
Coconut Cake” and a “Sour Cream Raisin Pie.” 
(The cake is for me and the pie for my sister.) I know that the dinner
at my mom’s home will include Collard Greens and Fried Cornbread.  I know that Christmas in my home is about
sharing the love of Christ; for if it was not for Him there would be no
Christmas. Tomorrow I will stop and thank God for His gift and that all of
family has accepted that gift. I am glad Christmas each year brings new
memories but I am especially thankful that some things never change.

‘Twas the day before Thanksgiving

‘Twas the morning of thanksgiving

and all through the house

not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

Well, not really.  As usual I am up before anyone else and as usual I only have a few minutes without others stirring until the dog wants to join me. Today will be a little different as our friends have come to visit and one of them will be up soon. But on this morning I want to stop and list a few things that I am thankful for.

  • one more Thanksgiving Day that I can enjoy.
  • A wife who loves me and supports me and who has done so for over 26 years
  • A healthy family
  • A wife and children who have personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ
  • Parents who continue to lead lives as examples for my family
  • Blessings of the necessities of life
  • Blessings of many wants and desires that I do not deserve
  • People who I work closely with who are not just co-workers but friends

This list could continue for many more pages, but for today I stop with this final item.

“Thank you God for allowing me to witness life through Your Son and that you have given me the honor to know You as Father, Savior, Friend
and One who has given me the privilege to serve You.”

A Beginning Place

Not much to talk about now other than the memories, but this little house was just the place for a family to start. In a recent trip with my dad to the area where he grew up we were lucky to find the house where his ‘Uncle George” lived. This simple three room house is what Uncle George built at the time he was married over 85 years ago. It is not much by today’s standards but 85 years ago it was something. I enjoyed hearing my dad tell the stories of how he played in the adjoining fields and around the barn. I am glad he pointed out to me this house along with where his boyhood home once stood and where the family cemetery plot still stands among the pecan trees. I don’t know if I will get to visit this area much more, nor do I know if these buildings will stand much longer, but I am glad I got to see them and hear the stories which I will always cherish.

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