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Worship, Are You Prepared?

The planning team has it all laid out.
The vocal team has rehearsed.
The band has rehearsed.
The pastor has spent hours on the sermon.

What have you done to prepare for worship this weekend?

How about

reading through the scriptures that will be studied?
praying for those who will lead?
praying that you will be open to hear whatever God has to say?
…maybe even singing through the songs before you get there?


For the people at ClearView here are the scriptures and most of the songs. I hope you get a chance to prepare. Continue Reading…

It Causes Us to Sing

So why do we come together for weekend worship?

To glorify God and edify fellow believers.

Yes okay, but….what is the reason we come together…that we sing…what is our motivation?

The first line of a song that we introduced last week says it simply: “There is one reason why we are gathered here, Your love is causing us to sing.”

The title of the song is “There is One Reason” and it comes from the music of Sovereign Grace Ministries. In our evaluation of songs we look closely at the words to make sure they are theological correct…this one is. (In recent days we have also been on the search for songs that speak of the Trinity…this one does.)

So this weekend we come together in Christ-Centered worship and our goal is to Glorify God and by that witness we Edify (encourage) each other. What motivates us…God’s love and sacrifice for us.

Being motivated by God’s love is the reason we sing…but it should also be the reason we live. And living for Christ is the best way to prepare for Sunday worship. Being always in communication with God makes the worship conversation on Sunday much easier.

The next part of this post are some specific ways the ClearView family can prepare for worship this Sunday. Continue Reading…

Do This

“Do this in remembrance of Me.” A famous statement from the most famous person. Really a command…something we are to do, to participate in…the Lord’s Supper.

A lot of questions can arise concerning this command:

juice or wine?

silence or sing through the event?

every week, every month or occasionally?

in a small group or only in a church?

broken pieces of a loaf or manufactured crackers?

There are traditions that support each side of those questions but are they not missing the question, the point of the command…”do this.” Continue Reading…

Come Now Is The Time

The following is a guest post from one of the members of my church, Melina. In a recent conversation with her she clued me in on what happens around her house on Sunday morning…she dances, she sings, she worships. It is all how she prepares for the worship at her church.

Here on this site I have posted a number of articles in a series titled “Preparing for Worship.” The idea behind the series is to give my readers and especially those at my church reminders about their responsibility to prepare for corporate worship before they arrive.

Melina gets it…she understands corporate worship is group celebration of the attributes and actions of our Almighty God. She also understands true worship comes out of a heart that is already in-tune with God because of an on-going conversation with Him.

Read below to see how Melina prepares, maybe get some ideas to change your Sunday morning routine. Also I would love for you to leave comments below on how your prepare for Sunday or weekend worship at your church. Continue Reading…

Worship: It’s Not Dependent on Music

Earlier this week I sent out the following tweet.

“Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that worship is dependent on musical interludes” @bkauflin #worshipmatters

The quote comes from the book Worship Matters written by Bob Kauflin (@bkuflin).

A few days latter @brenmclean responded to the tweet with these simple words.

Profound. Worship is possible with zero music #Matteroftheheart

Have we fallen into the trap that we can only worship when the church gathers?

Have we become conditioned to only worship when the music starts?

If the answer is yes to either of these it is the wrong answer. Continue Reading…

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