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Once hired…bring them along

I have had the opportunity to interview a number of leaders from both non-profit and for-profit organizations. As a part of the conversation I always try to ask about how they or their organization mentors new employees or employees who have been placed in a new position. Almost unanimously the answer is ‘we need to do a better job of this.’

In one organization I was called into to coach an employee who had just been put in a new position…he was not doing very well. It didn’t take long to see why: Continue Reading…

“No Response”

I have endured, and those around me have celebrated, the two times that I have been on doctor’s orders not to talk, not even to make a sound.

you go for two weeks without making a sound?

But even during these times I could not keep silent around my staff and my team. While I couldn’t talk I still needed to communicate.

Silence or not responding to a request or comment is the worst thing I can do. Recently while discussing this topic with a friend he stated that ‘no response’ was probably a ‘NO’ response. While that might be the case, we leaders miss the point of our role if we are ambivalent and silent toward an idea, information request, criticism or complaint. Continue Reading…

Temporarily Disappointed

I mis-read a tweet during the NCAA basketball tournament. I thought one fan said he was “temporarily disappointed” in his favorite team who had just lost in the first round. When I read the tweet a second time it said he was “terribly disappointed.” But my hunch is both phrases are correct for the fan. The disappointment of the loss was a heart break but as soon as the next sport season begins the fan will quickly forget the disappointment.

In sports disappointment rises and falls with wins and losses.

In relationships there are also disappointments, Continue Reading…

Communication vs. Conversation

The tools of social media make it easier to connect with people. The cool term for these connections is ‘tribes.’ Seth Godin made the term popular.

The question is: through all this clutter of connecting are we really talking?

In a panel discussion at Catalyst 2010 one panelist made the statement “social media has made it easy to connect and even communicate, but that does not mean we are engaging in meaningful conversations?”

The majority who read this post, just by the fact that they do so on-line would agree that conversations can happen through technology. However in this multitude of conversations are we talking?

  • To really talk we must be intentional about the conversations.
  • To really converse we need to engage.
  • Engagement happens when we take time with the conversations.

When is the last time we picked up the phone and talked with a friend or co-worker?

In my business, social networking makes it easier to begin conversations with people. It is not the place to engage in meaningful conversations.

Does social networking make it easier for you to engage in meaningful conversations?


A Daily Huddle Brings a Team Together

About a year ago we established a new meeting in our schedule ‘the daily huddle.’ Each day my team meets for a 5-10 minute stand up meeting we call “11:11″ because we meet at 11:11 AM. I got the idea from the book The Rockerfeller Habits by Vern Harnish

There were some specific reasons Continue Reading…

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