GPS vs. Map or GPS and Map

It happened again...we were on vacation and needed a map not just a GPS device. As we were headed home I heard on the radio there was an accident ahead and the road was closed down. That's when we needed a map so that we could get the big picture and determine an alternate route. With no map in the car we stopped and purchased one.

My daughter tweeted: "We just stopped at a gas station in Georgia to buy la paper may...because of traffic. Who even does that any more?" #stoneage #homwardbound

I think you need both, map and GPS. I don't won't to take a trip again without both.

The principle of Map and GPS can be applied to other areas. The following is a post I wrote about leading a team with both a GPS and Map mindset.


Amid GPS boom, paper maps find a place.

That was the title of an article in our local paper.

Tomorrow starts my vacation and the reality is I want both, map and GPS in the car with me. I know the destination and the map gives me a big picture view of where I am headed. The GPS a more focused view looking at the next leg of the journey.

I think the same applies when leading a team at work or a project. We need to know the goal, see the big picture and have a plan for the next steps. Map = big picture = goal and strategy. GPS = action items list and the clear indication of the next step.

This seems to be a topic I think about while I enjoy vacation. I wrote a another post on the subject here.

So are you a GPS or Map person or leader? Or do you need both?