What I learned about being a welcoming church from WinShape retreat center

This week I will make my second trip to WinShape Retreat Center on the Berry College Campus near Rome Georgia. The campus is beautiful and welcoming, but it wasn’t just the beauty that made me feel welcomed.

  • The signage was clear
  • The campus was well manicured
  • They were expecting us
  • They called us by name
  • Every staff member wore a name tag
  • They anticipated what we needed
  • Room supplies
  • Map of campus
  • Umbrellas
  • Whenever possible they open all doors- saw us coming
  • They were always asking if the could assist us
  • They were willing to go out of their way to answer our questions and help us

These items would be a great evaluation check-list for a church ‘Guest Experience’ team. All of them are attainable.

It really was about attention to detail.

I am working through this check-list on our campus.

Have you seen other examples of great ‘guest experience’ teams?