The Pursuit by God

I know its Christmas and we are to be celebrating the birth of Christ, but the story is much bigger than that. The story is how God makes it possible for us be a part of His family. It is God's relentless pursuit of Early this morning I read Ephesians 1:3-8 which outlines God's pursuit of us. Here are some thoughts I jotted down after reading this great passage.

  • God pursue us.
  • God initiates the relationship.
  • God did this because He loves us.
  • This pursuit was not an arbitrary or whimsical decision...this has always been His plan.
  • He did this so that we can be forgiven and liberated from our past.
  • He pursues us even when we think we have done nothing wrong; but being good, being moral is not enough.
  • Through Christ, in Christ is where there is freedom.
  • All of the God story is for the glory of God.
    • when we accept His pursuit we give glory to god
    • continuing to walk with Christ in God's story is not easy, but there is nothing greater.
  • God pursues us and offers us gifts.
    • He lavishes on us the riches of His grace.
    • He give us redemption through the death of Christ and shedding of his blood.

One part of God's plan was the birth of His Son, without this revelation we would not be able to enter God's story.

He pursues us...I am glad He did and still does.