Start the Conversation Before You Arrive

Multiple services, in multiple venues on the same campus, require a regimented schedule: get people in the door, start on time, finish on time and then move them out so the next group can come in. From start to finish for us is 65 minutes. Most Sundays I wish it were longer. It is such a joy to see God’s people enjoying the conversation of worship and 65 minutes goes way too fast. If we only have a predetermined amount of time for corporate worship let’s make the most of it.

There are weeks that the conversation with God starts from the first invitation to worship then other weeks it is like we are on starting a conversation with someone we have never talked to.

For Christ-followers it really isn’t the responsibility of the worship leader to make the introductions.

Group worship for the Christ-follower is an extension of the daily conversation with the Creator and Savior.

Group worship is a way for the Christ-followers to glorify God and encourage each other.

Next week get the conversation with God started before you drive on the campus. In fact you can get it started now and when you finally get to be with the group, worship will seem short because you have been enjoying God’s presence for the whole time.


This post is a part of the series "Preparing for Worship," written for the congregation that I serve.