Christ Follower + Worship + Leader Part 2

Here is another excerpt from an article I wrote for Creator Magazine. In this section I outline some life core values that help me keep balance in my life.


Takingprecedent over the vocation/ministry aspects of who I am is my call to be a Christ Follower. This is how I live my personal life, including how I feel called to lead my family. Eight life core values help me focus on what I believe God wants me to be:


Life Core Values

  1. Developing a daily and eternal relationship with God.
  2. Committed to my wife for life.
  3. Committed to train up my children.
  4. Recognizing God has called me to serve.
  5. Always loving, honoring and learning from my parents.
  6. Recognize my physical body is a gift from God.
  7. Develop a hobby away from the work place.
  8. Be a lifetime learner.


Living a life for Christ should be lived in balance; giving equal attention to the spiritual, social, mental and physical aspects of our being. As followers of Christ each of us are called to serve and that call never leaves our lives until we stand face-to-face with Christ. Therefore, we have the challenge placed before us to be an active, committed and effective follower of Christ for as long as we can. A balanced life is the only way.


I once heard it stated that finding God’s will is the ‘never ending search for His will.’ It is not somewhere we arrive but somewhere we are continually searching for. The same is true for finding a fulfilled life in Christ, a life of balance in His presence. Examining the core values above helps keep me on that path so that I can carry out what God has called me to do as a husband, father, and minister.