An Example of Leadership

This year I have been on ajourney to learn as much as I can about being a better leader.  This week I have witnessed three great examples in very different circumstances.  Most of my week was spent at a conference for worship leaders, cre:ate, created and lead by Randy Elrod.  He did an amazing job organizing this event and leading all the participants.  He has a unique statement for describing leaders: ‘a leader is one who influences influencers.’  You can follow Randy Elrod on twitter at @recreate and his blog at


Most of today I spent with a group of amazing students from Centennial High School,in Franklin, Tennessee, who have stepped forward to try to make a difference in their school and their band.  All day we talked about leadership…they really get it.  Here is a list of characteristics they think a leader should model:

Servant- a leader should be willing to carry out any task that is asked or required of them, no matter how un-prestigious or unappealing it seems.

High Standards-a leader should try to improve themselves before giving direction to others and to expect more of themselves than anyone else.

Vision-a leader should be able to visualize where they want to lead the group and set goals to reach their vision.

Good Communication- a leader should communicate their goals to the group and communicate with their leaders about what needs to get done.

Good Example- a leader should behave as they want all members of the group to behave.

Humility- a leader should not be wrapped up in their title or boastful.

Kindness- a leader should be kind to others and be able to give instruction in a tactful manner so it will be as effective as possible.

Investment- a leader should be invested not only in their cause but also in the people they lead. Leaders should genuinely care about all the individuals of the group.

Perspective- a leader MUST have enough perspective to realize that they will not be perfect and that when things go wrong what's important is to learn from mistakes and move forward.

There is another leadership trait that I think is very important…honesty…that even means being honest when you make mistakes.  As leaders it can be so easy to sweep mistakes under the rug so to speak, trying to hide them or covering them up. Take a moment to read the blog of my boss and see a great example of honesty.

I am still on my quest to learn about how to be an effective leader and the three examples above have pushed me down the road a little further.

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