Only One

A couple of nights ago, as I watched the evening news I was intrigued by a story: now only one US surviving WWI veteran. Frank Buckles is the only remaining WWI veteran who actually saw the war in Europe. Frank was born in 1901 and today lives on his farm in West Virginia. (He quit driving a tractor at age 103.)

When asked his secret to a long life, Frank has a quick answer at the ready: "Be prepared," he jokes. But the longer answer may lie in the independent way he's always led his life. Frank Buckles neatly fits the profile that gerontologists point to as ideal: he's had a life-long passion for reading and learning; an ongoing interest in foreign languages and culture; and has been physically fit his entire life (he still does 50 sit-ups a day).


In a meeting recently I was challenged to put on paper the core values that drive my life…things that measure success. I came up with eight, two of which I have in common with Frank: be a life-long learner and stay physically fit. Although these are on my list they are not at the top. My list starts with my on-going relationship with God, Almighty Father of everything, which I have because of His willing sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. (I wonder if the news media just left that out of Frank’s story.)

How do you measure success? What is most important in your life?

I close with this…I was pleased to look on my list and realize that success in my life has very little to do with success in business/work/things. It was, is and will continue to be more about relationships.

I have come that you may have life and have it in abundance. John 10:10