Riches I Heed Not?

Really…can I really say ‘riches I heed not?’

It seems I am always looking for resources to do “this or that” around my house. Or, “I wish I had more money to get a new set of golf clubs.” Or, I really would like some “new clothes.” Yes ladies guys make that last statement also.

So…can I really say ‘riches I heed not?’

That line comes one of my favorite hymns Be Thou My Vision (I have posted the words and video below). I like it for a number of reasons: it has a great melody, it is singable and the text is great poetry. Most of the stanzas are encouraging and refreshing. It is easy to sing for those reasons.

I don’t like it because the words on the next to the last stanza are so convicting…riches I heed not…REALLY?

Jesus talked about money, possessions and material things more than any other subject. It must have been a big deal for Him and He knew it would be a big deal for us. What I get from the parables he taught on this subject is not really about money but what are we going to do with what He has given us.

Take a look at Luke 16:1-13. When you get to the last verses read them slow, I had to and I had to ask my self: ‘riches I heed not…REALLY?’


Be Thou My Vision

Verse 1

Be Thou my vision
O Lord of my heart
Naught be all else to me
Save that Thou art
Thou my best thought
By day or by night
Waking or sleeping
Thy presence my light

Verse 2

Be Thou my wisdom
Be Thou my true Word
I ever with Thee
And Thou with me Lord
Thou my great Father
I Thy true son
Thou in me dwelling
And I with Thee one

Verse 3

Be Thou my shield
And my sword for the fight
Be Thou my dignity
Be Thou my might
Thou my soul’s shelter
And Thou my high tow’r
Raise Thou me heav’nward
O pow’r of my pow’r

Verse 4

Riches I heed not
Nor man’s empty praise
Thou mine inheritance
Now and always
Thou and Thou only
Be first in my heart
High King of heaven
My treasure Thou art

Verse 5

High King of heaven
When vict’ry is won
May I reach heaven’s joys
O bright heaven’s Sun
Heart of my own heart
Whatever befall
Still be my vision
O Ruler of all


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  • Becky Hall

    great reminder – thanks!

  • Scott Revo

    Such a GREAT hymn…filled with powerful words to challenge and encourage us.  All too often we sing the familiar hymns and pass right over phrases like this.  Thank you for focusing my thoughts tonight on this particular lyric and the importance of not letting “the things of this world” get too much of our attention.

  • Michael H Smith

    thanks for stopping by

  • Michael H Smith

    thanks Scott

  • Kathryn Chastain

    We just sang this hymn in church today. It is one of my favorite prayers–Thou and Thou only, be first in my heart, Lord Jesus–and it was part of our wedding service. New songs are good but sometimes there’s nothing like the old.